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Clear Lake vet, veterinarian in Clear Lake, WI


Clear Lake Veterinary Service

Clear Lake, Wisconsin

Companion Animal Medicine, Dentistry and Surgery


Our Services


One service provided  at Clear Lake Veterinary Service is notifying you when your cat's vaccinations and annual exam are due. Usually you'll receive a postcard, and it may have some or all of the following on it:


Rabies is a disease nearly everyone has heard of.  Because it is fatal to your cat and to YOU, Dr Engel reccomends rabies vaccinations for all cats, including indoor pets. 


Because we try to keep pet owners as confused as possible, veterinarians love to use initials. Here's the key to this "code"!

   F = Fooled you! Not a disease, merely stands for Feline.

   R = Rhinotracheitis, an upper airway viral disease, one of many that cause cold-like signs in kittens.

   C = Calicivirus, another upper respiratory tract virus

   P = Panluekopenia, a.k.a distemper, not to be confused with canine distemper (a totally different disease in dogs). This is a nasty, usually fatal vomiting and diarrhea disease in cats...the vaccine works really well to prevent it.


Leukemia is another bad boy of the cat viruses. Vaccination can only slow it down, and not completely prevent your cat from becoming infected.