Dog Vaccinations


One service provided  at Clear Lake Veterinary Service is notifying you when your dog's vaccinations and annual exam are due. Usually you'll receive a postcard, and it may have some or all of the following on it:


This vaccination is for several virus-caused diseases of dogs. It is given as a series of shots to puppies, another one year later, and then every 3 years. Here's the key to the "code"!

D = Distemper. Not to be confused with rabies. And no, it has nothing to do with your dog's attitude. A nasty old disease that has been almost eliminated thru vaccination.

A2 = Adenovirus (2). A virus that has been implicated in the kennel cough syndrome, also associated with liver disease.

P = Parainfluenza. Another virus that can influence a kennel cough outbreak.

CPV = Fooled you, this is not 3 more viruses, but rather the dreaded Canine Parvo Virus. This virus causes severe and fatal bloody vomiting and diarrhea, particularly in puppies and unvaccinated dogs.


This vaccination is pretty straightforward. Wisconsin state law says ALL dogs must be vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian. Usually the initial shot is given at 3 months of age, and then 1 year later. After that, rabies vaccinations are given every 3 years. You will get a rabies tag and vaccination certificate, which is your proof that your dog is vaccinated. You may need this proof when paying property taxes, getting dog license, or if your dog ever bites someone.


This vaccination helps protect your pet from developing Lyme disease. After the initial series of 2 shots, it is given every year. Because it is not 100% effective, removing ticks daily from your pet is incredibly important. The vaccine also does not protect against the other tick diseases we diagnose, anaplamosis and ehrlichiosis.


Also known as the "kennel cough shot", this vaccine is often required by boarding kennels, groomers, and trainers. If you've been reading this far, you have caught on that not just the bordatella bacteia causes kennel cough, but definitely it is a major player. Therefore, important to get if needed, but not necessarily going to protect 100% against the disease.

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