Nutrition Counseling

Fido battling some bulges? Fluffy is more than just...fluffy? Talk with us about your pet's weight and how to feed for optimum condition. While Dr Engel doesn't sell pet food, she does have some strong opinions on the best foods for your pet. We can also help you address some of the weight control issues many pet owners face.

The three most important rules for feeding Fido or Fluffy:

1. Measure their food with a measuring cup. When Dr Engel asks "how much are you feeding?", you can say "1/2 cup twice a day" rather than the usual "oh, about a scoop". If changes need to be made, it is much easier to adjust a  measured amount by a specific volume.

2. Feed high quality, premium, name brand food. This means pet food from a national manufacturer that does clinical scientific research and development on their pet foods...not brands just using trendy catch phrases like "natural", "organic", and pictures of a pot roast dinner as ingredients.

3. NO people food. I'll repeat this. NO people food. And only one treat per day...for example one Milk Bone, or one Pounce, or one Beggin' Strip. Not 5 per day, or one every time the little guy comes in from outside, or handfuls when he sits up like a circus dog. 

4. Do not feed "grain-free" foods. This phrase on the food label is merely a marketing ploy, dreamed up by ad executives to make you buy their food. There is no research that has determined that this is beneficial to our pets. Currently a possible link between feeding grain-free foods to dogs and a huge uptick in the cases of Dilated Cardiomyopathy ( a fatal heart condition) is under investigation by the FDA. 

And finally, if you'd like help interpreting that pet food bag, bring it in or give us a call. Marcy or Kristi, our technicians, are able to unscramble the nutritional information on the label, and can give you insights on what is valuable info, and what is just marketing!

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