Veterinary Technicians

Marcy Calkins

Marcy graduated from Argosy University and is a certified veterinary technician. With her years of experience and technical skills, she is highly qualified to provide nursing care and treatments for your pet, perform laboratory procedures, administer and monitor anesthetics, and is a terrific source of information for pet owners on everything from proper nutrition to housebreaking that new puppy. 

  Connie Young

Connie is our veterinary assistant, and you'll often hear her friendly voice on the phone, or see her loving up your new puppy.  Living with 2 dogs and 2 cats of her own, Connie has lots of insight on the pet-owning experience. 



K risti Hart

Kristi is our newest addition, although she is not new to the veterinary profession . She is also a licensed, certified veterinary technician with several years of experience. Along with terrific technical skills, she brings the "cheerful" every day along with huge amounts of compassion for our clients and their pets. 

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